Christmas Countdown – Time and Date

Christmas Countdown – Time and Date

Christmas Countdown - Time and Date

There are only

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Untill Christmas


Christmas is the biggest festival of Christians. People of Christian community celebrate this festival with great pomp and gaiety. This festival is celebrated every year on 25 December. On this day Lord Jesus Christ or Jesus Christ was born.

Jesus Christ was a great man and he taught the society about love and humanity. He gave a message to the people of the world to live with love and brotherhood. He is considered the only beloved son of God. The rulers of that time did not like the message of Jesus. They killed Jesus by hanging him on a cross. It is believed that Jesus had risen again.

On Christmas day, Christians decorate their homes well. Christmas preparations start already. The holiday lasts for about a week. The brightness of the markets increases. Homes and markets are lit up with colorful lights.

Special prayers are held in the church. People go to their homes to meet their relatives and friends. Everyone gives gifts to each other. On this day a Christmas tree is planted in the courtyard. It is specially decorated. Cake has a special significance in this festival. The custom of cutting and feeding sweet, Manmohan cakes is very old. People congratulate each other on the festival by feeding cakes. Taking the form of Santa Claus, a person distributes toffees-gifts etc. to the children.

It is said that Santa Claus comes from heaven and gives people whatever they want as gifts.

Christmas: at a Glance

The people of the Christian community celebrate the Christmas festival every year on 25 December.

The festival of Christmas is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is the biggest and joyous festival of the Christian community, hence it is also called the big day.

15 days before Christmas, the people of Christ society get busy in its preparations.

Houses are cleaned, new clothes are bought, different types of dishes are prepared.

Churches are specially decorated for this day.

A few days before Christmas, various programs start in the church which continue till the New Year.

In these programs the birth story of Lord Jesus Christ is displayed in the form of a drama. Antakshari of Christ songs are played, different types of games are played, prayers are offered etc.

In many places, a procession is taken out by the Christ Society on Christmas Day. In which tableaux of Lord Jesus Christ are presented.

In many places, on the eve of Christmas, night prayer meetings are held in the churches which last till 12 o’clock in the night. At exactly 12 o’clock people wish their loved ones a Merry Christmas and celebrate happiness.

There is a special prayer meeting in the churches on Christmas morning.

The special dish of Christmas is cake, Christmas is incomplete without cake.

On this day people decorate Christmas trees in churches and in their homes.

Santa Claus gives chocolates and gifts to the children.

On this day people of other religions also offer prayers by lighting candles in the church.